What happens? Process activity boxes are called Whatbox in Skore app

Use Whatboxes to describe what happens in a process. This is the action that is done.

Good practice
Precisely what the activity is 
  • Start with a verb
  • And qualify with a noun.
  • Keep the text short (it’s easier to read)


Finally add why boxes (outputs) and connect the lines

Finally add why boxes (outputs) and connect the lines

However, if you need to add further information it’s very easy in Skore app to:

  • Add a more detailed description of the activity
  • Document the decision rationale for a specific place
  • Capture requirements for the process
  • Link to related documents or systems
Bad practices
  • Be too vague
  • Not describing an actual activity

Avoid using whatbox for

  • Functions
    “Delivery” →  “Deliver order to customer”
  • Department
    “Quality Management” → “Ensure quality of the product”
  • Just a verb (always qualify)
    “Produce” →  “Produce products according to PO”

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