Skore app Videos

A collection of our favorite videos. Find more on our Youtube channel.

Rich Interactive Procedures

When you’ve used Skore app to capture processes and design new ways of working there’s nothing stopping you using that same content for training and support.

Many companies using Skore app create their own process portal to provide information on how things are done. You can see a real life example here.

Get Started on your next Transformation with Skore app

Learn why Skore app is ideally suited to change and transformation programs. Find out how to get started, how to scope a process, define activities, roles, attachments and detailed views.

Use Visual Analytics Tools with Skore app

In this video we show how you can use a third party visual analytics tool with Skore data. In this example we look at activity based costing and create simple visualizations to help understand the impact on cost of changes to the process.

Roles & Responsibilities Modelling

Skore app has built in support for modelling roles & responsibilities using RACI, RATSI or your own custom responsibility analysis technique.

In this video we quickly show you how to create reports based on the roles in your process.