Software Implementation

Developing a great software product is only part of the story. No matter how good the product it won’t be successful if the customer isn’t getting the value they expect from it.

Learn about how Skore app enables successful implementations and how our customers are doing it.

  1. Clarify Requirements
  2. Identify and Measure Return on Investment
  3. Accelerate Training
  4. Reduce Support Cases
  5. Delight the Customer

The Skore app implementation approach

Clarify Requirements

Don’t ask users what they want… Ask them what they do!

Describing what you do today is much easier than trying to imagine what the future might look like. Requirements gathering can be a daunting task for business users, what if they get it wrong, or their need is niche, there’s a lot of pressure.

Use Skore app to understand what they do today in a clear and simple way. Find out what they do and don’t like, what keeps them awake at night and what would make life easier. Capture it all in Skore app in the context of what they do today.

Instantly create reports so you know how to configure and customize the system.

A simple report showing requirements captured against a process

Identify and Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Helping the customer understand the Return on the Investment (ROI) they put into your product is essential. The better the return the happier they’ll be!

You probably have some standard figures for the sort of saving, or improvement, you expect from a new customer implementation. But every customer is different right?

Skore app makes it easy to identify specific problems the customer has today that you can solve with your solution. Identify those problems, measure them and then show the customer quantified added benefits they hadn’t expected!

Customer Success: Customer saves an additional 80 days per year

visualizing_data_flowOur customer provides custom CRM solutions. Their customer, in the construction industry, had 14 standard email templates they sent out regularly to customers. Customer details were stored in a spreadsheet and emails were sent out manually.

Our customer was able to quickly identify that their client was spending nearly 80 days per year copying and pasting customer details into emails. After the implementation they were able to demonstrate they had saved their client 80 days per year on top of the standard improvements the system made.

Accelerate Training

Having a standard course is great but not every customer uses every feature. Customizations to your product can make the workflow different for each customer.

Using Skore app to understand how the customer works today will make it easy to tailor the training to only what the customer needs. This will keep them focused and engaged and lead them to success quicker.

And Skore app processes are so easy to understand they can be used as training material!

Customer Success: Better, more effective training

This company develop and sell a resource management tool to small and medium sized businesses. They found that almost half of all training sessions were disrupted due to conflict. Members of the customer team didn’t agree on how things worked and would spend large sections of the training trying to clarify and agree.

Using Skore app this company now get their customers to agree how things work before the training. They then customize the solution and deliver training specifically on a workflow that all the team recognize and agree on.

Reduce Support Cases

If you don’t get the requirements right, or cover the right topics in the training, your customers will be stuck. And what do customers do when they’re stuck? They raise support cases.

Use Skore app to capture the right requirements and deliver focused training. Then customers will only raise cases when they find a bug!

Delight the Customer

The easier and quicker you can deliver what the customer expects the more time you’ll have to exceed their expectations. Delighted customers a much more likely to tell others and act as references.

With the clarity provided by Skore app and the information you have on the customer’s processes you can easily identify further opportunities to delight the customer.

Customer Success: Identify and deliver more value

A developer uses Skore app to identify quick wins they can use to impress customers.

Once they have agreed the requirements for the core product they use the customer’s workflows to understand what else the customer sees as important. Often outside the scope of the project.

They use the flexibility and speed of Salesforce to create additional value for the customer. And finally using Skore app they can clearly show the customer how they’ve saved them even more money than originally planned!