Process Improvement

Need to identify waste, align functions, clarify roles and responsibilities, run process workshops and gather feedback? There are a lot of stakeholders involved and you’ve got to get them onboard to make the next project a success.

On this page you can learn about why Skore is the best tool for process improvement and how our customers are using it.

Skore app makes it easy to engage key stakeholders so you can focus on improving the process.

  1. Perfect for Process Workshops
  2. Simple structured approach
  3. Clarify roles and responsibilities (e.g. RACI)
  4. Integrated modelling and analytics
  5. Share with colleagues

Perfect for Process Workshops

With Skore app you can capture processes at the speed of talking! Process workshops are a great way to get buy in and alignment among key stakeholders.

Skore app has been specifically designed to make live mapping workshops easy. This allows you to focus on asking the right questions and ensuring everyone gets their say.

At the end of the workshop you can share the processes so that all participants will see the same thing they captured.

Customer Success: Consultants reduce time to deliver workshop output

A US based consulting company has traditionally used whiteboards and sticky notes to run interactive process workshops. During the workshop additional notes were captured by an analyst into a spreadsheet.

At the end of the workshop a photo was taken of the process and the analyst would then transfer that to a diagramming tool and then share it with participants. A 1 day workshop would take 1 additional day to transfer into a diagramming tool.

Using Skore app the process can be captured live in the workshop and sharing the content at the end of the day is as simple as pushing a button. Participants often comment on how clear the processes are and how easy the workshop was.

Simple Structured Approach

If you’re trying to align different functions or clarify an end-to-end process you will need to involve a lot of people. You need to make it as easy as possible for those people to understand the process.

Skore app is based a on simple structured approach that makes it easy for all stakeholders to understand. There’s no need for training to read a process in Skore app.

Having a single structured approach means there is less chance of mistakes when you have more than one person working on the process.

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities (e.g. RACI)

Capture and analyze roles and responsibilities directly against the steps in the process in Skore app. Clarify who does what, who needs to be informed and who is responsible using RACI or RATSI.

Create reports with one click so you can see which activities have key people missing or have shared accountability.

Integrated Modelling and Analytics

Practice what you preach? If you’re there to help the customer save money and reduce waste then start with your analysis.

With Skore app it’s easy to quickly capture information regarding waste, issues, improvement suggestions etc directly against the process steps.

All this can be instantly reported and analyzed using Skore app reports. Save time by capturing processes and all your notes and other data directly into the tool. No need for the tedious and time consuming work of keeping process maps and spreadsheet in sync!

Customer Success: Manufacturer shortens design phase by more than 50%

This customer is a global manufacturer with large operations in all major European countries. As a world leader they run a rolling change program constantly reviewing and improving all parts of the business.

Each project contains process capture, analysis and redesign. Before using the Skore app approach, processes were captured in a popular diagramming tool. Roles, issues, improvement and other data were captured in spreadsheets.

Keeping all the models up-to-date and in sync was a time consuming job.

Moving to the Skore app approach reduced the process redesign phase from 14 to 6 days.

Share with Colleagues

You’ve already saved time capturing processes and analysis directly into Skore app, now make it easy for stakeholders to view what you’ve captured.

Save your processes as web pages and share them with colleagues over your intranet. Save on and share them anonymously online.

Customer Success: Getting the executive team onboard

A UK based consulting company was working with an Irish telecoms provider to help formalize project delivery processes in order to create a better customer experience.

The business was organized into distinct business units that treated each other as different companies. The consultants used Skore app to create an end-to-end process model that spanned all businesses.

Sharing the model through Sharepoint they were able to quickly bring all senior executives onboard. The executives could easily see how their business fit into the end-to-end process and at the same time drill down into the details.