Business Growth

It’s great news that your business is growing but how confident are you that everything will hold together? Many growing businesses fail to scale or fail to recognize the changing needs of their customers.

Learn how Skore app helps businesses formalize processes to ensure smooth growth.

  1. Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience
  2. Do More With Less
  3. Quickly Onboard New Employees
  4. Demonstrate Compliance and Pass Audits
  5. Focus Your Efforts on What’s Important

Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

Our first few customers tend to get treated with outstanding customer experience. They’ve made the effort and we want to show them our appreciation. Every interaction is dealt with personally and we respond as quickly as we can.

But as we grow we don’t have the time to respond the same way to everyone. And, as we put more staff on it, they each have their own way to deal with each customer. Before long we have no idea what experience our customers are receiving, good or bad.

Customer surveys help but they only tell what happened. Get ahead with Skore app you can quickly map out front line processes so that everyone on your team delivers in the same way. Once you’ve agreed that process it acts as a base on which to improve it.

How To: Customer Experience Process with Skore app

2015-07-31 13.25.49Learn more about our customer experience process.

Starting from the outside we use a whiteboard to identify customer touchpoints. Then we use Skore app to understand and improve front line processes.

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Do More With Less

Stop re-inventing the wheel every day. By quickly visualizing how things work your team will be able to see where duplication happens.

They will be able to see where each team member can specialize. They can quickly share ideas and experiences on how to do things better.

You want your business to scale but throwing people at it will not always work. Grow smarter by using Skore app to engage your team and find the most effective ways of working.

Customer Success: Save time and impress customers

A fast growing technology company were unable to deal with the number of new customers they were onboarding. There was no standard approach to onboarding, for every new customer they started from scratch.

This effort was time consuming as all documents, plans and configurations were created fresh each time. As more customers came more team members were pulled off their day jobs and put on customer projects. Other important jobs were being neglected.

The team used Skore app to create a simple standard onboarding process. They used their shared experience to define what worked well on previous projects.

Not only did the new process save them time and effort it also made it easy for the team to improve and update it after every project. What’s more this process was used to show prospective new customers how they would be onboarded instilling further confidence in the company.

Quickly Onboard New Employees

Bringing new people into a team can be disruptive, especially in smaller teams. It takes time for them to get up to speed and it takes valuable time away from established staff to train them.

Capturing your processes and ways of working in Skore app lets you get ahead of the curve. It’s simple approach means any new employee can pick it up and follow processes.

When all your important processes, with links to useful templates and systems, are captured in Skore app new employees can hit the ground running.

Demonstrate Compliance and Pass Audits

Are customers demanding compliance so you can get on the approved vendors list? We have to jump through many hoops just to get in the door but this doesn’t have to be a pain.

If you have used Skore app to formalize and standardize processes then most of the work is already done. Skore app processes are easy to create and easy to follow, so when the auditor comes you team can quickly and accurately describe what they do.

Customer Success: Making audits easy

This consulting company working in the construction industry use Skore app to show how work relates to industry standards.

Skore app processes are very easy for everyone to follow and the consultants use visual indicators on the processes to highlight a compliance point.

Skore (Tue Mar 08 2016 09-36-05)

At each point they can then link to the standard. Workers know when an activity they are involved in must be compliant, Managers know who is responsible for what and Auditors can clearly see how activities map to the standards.

Focus Your Efforts on What’s Important

When you’re growing there’s always so much to do and never enough time. With everyone on the team busy doing something important how do you know you are focusing on the right things?

Working with the team to visualize how things work in Skore app will help you prioritize and focus your efforts. Skore app opens up discussions in a structured way so you can identify the most important operational issues facing your business.

Customer Success: Capture & analyze ideas, questions and issues

On a recent project we used visual indicators to quickly highlight questions, improvements ideas and issues while defining the ways of working.

Skore (Tue Mar 08 2016 09-46-42)

The team can easily see things they need to be aware of and things that may change or need to be improved. All the data can be analyzed in reports.