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Our Processes

Sell the product

Sales Director

Support the product

Head of Services

Support The Product

Incomming email or case rasied by customer in support centre

Send email to everyone to notify that a new case has been created

Support Desk

team notified

Respond to customer acknowledging new case

1st Responder


Whenever a customer raises a support case using the self service portal or through the support email you will receive an email.

  1. Follow the link in the email to open the case. The case will be automatically assigend to you.
  2. Review the case notes entered by the customer and tag the case accordingly. See below for tag descriptions.
  3. Respond to the customer to acknowledge that their case has been received. Solve the case if it's possible otherwise advise the customer of the next steps. | ####Tag Types |Tag|Description| |--|--| |High Priority|The issue is preventing the customer from using the system| |Low Priority|The issue is disruptive but the customer can continue to use the system with a workaround| |Training|The request is a question related to how the system works| |Third Party|The issue is related to one of our integrations or partners| |Other|Use this for all other issues|

Customer received reply

No action after 1 hr

Notify everyone that case has not been dealt with

Support Desk

Re-assign case if necessary

1st Responder


If you have reviewed the case and are unable to resolve it must be assigned to an Engineer.

Speak to the Senior Engineer on duty and ask for an available Engineer. Re-assign the case to the available Engineer. | ####Re-assign Cases |

If 1st responder cannot resolve case re-assign to another team member

New case owner notified

Resolve case

Case Owner


Once the case has been resolved set it to Closed. image

No action after 24 hrs

No action after 26 hrs

Issue fixed or alternative action taken

Notify customer of resolution plan

Case Owner

Notify Case Owner of no action

Support Desk

Notify Supervisor group of no action

Support Desk

Everyone notified a second time

Csat question sent

Our Customers

Market the product

Marketing Director

Launch the Product

Product Manager

Launch new product or major release

New product or major release

Clarify value proposition

Product Manager

Reason to buy/upgrade

Define launch plan

Product Manager

Key milestones agreed

Prepare marketing collateral

Marketing Manager

Train support team

Service Desk Manager

Initial messaging

Train services team

Product Manager

Consultants can use new product

Develop sales material

Sales Director

Product demos

Organize launch events

Events Manager

Identify and educate launch customer

Product Manager


The Product Manager is responsible for identifying the launch customer and arranging training. Actual training will be delivered by the services team according to the services processes. | Train customers

Customers using new product or major release

venues booked and invites sent

New knowledgebase for new product/release

Our Product

Develop the product

Development Manager

Define and maintain roadmap

Product Manager

high level requirements and product objectives

Define requirements for next project

Product Manager

Word Document lists requirement descriptions, can contain wireframes

requirements document

working code

Test software

QA Manager

using test cases

80% or more coverage on test code

Build package

QA Manager

New version number

Install URL

Write documentation

Technical Author

Update Word document

uploaded to document site

Notify initial customers

Product Manager

customers included in initial release

select customers on early release

installs with no errors

Official current release

Write code for project

Development Manager

version control and history, technical requirements, performance, non-functional requirements, target dates and possibly estimations

Test installation

QA Manager

Notify all customers of official release

Marketing Manager

reminder of 6 weeks is up

After 6 weeks

Develop the product

Business strategy

Market opportunity

Deliver the product

Head of Services

Manage finances

Finance Director

Purchase goods and services

Finance Director

Ensure legal compliance

Legal Counsel

Our Office

Provide technology and infrastructure

IT Director

Recruit and onboard new employees

HR Director

Recruitment and Onboarding

We want the best people for our team and that means thinking very carefully about your requirements and the type of people we want to work with. These guides help you identify and select the right candidate to help us all succeed together.

Need to recruit a new team member?

Looking to add to your team? You'll need to define the requirements for the new role.

Follow this process to find out how >>

New team member starting soon?

Find out all you need to know about getting your new team member up to speed as quickly as possible. make sure you're prepared well in advance.

Find out how to onboard your new team member here >>

Looking for candidates?

The skills and experience required for candidates will often dictate how we search for them and where.

Follow our candidate search process >>

Process View

Requirement for new team member

Define requirements for new role

Line Manager

Interview candidates and select new team member

HR Business Partner

Identify potential candidates

HR Business Partner

Job description

Short list of candidates for interview

Job offer accepted by candidate

Onboard new team member

HR Business Partner

Onboard new team member

job offer accepted by candidate

Prepare new employee arrival

HR Business Partner

job offer accepted by candidate

Get IT / electronic equipments for the employee

HR Business Partner

Create all IT permissions

IT coordinator

all accounts ready and summary sheet ready

Complete initial IT accounts request

HR Business Partner

standard IT needs of the employee established

Finalise specific IT needs for the employee

Line Manager

extra IT needs reviewed and passed on to IT

Setup email

IT coordinator

email added to relevant groups / mailing lists

Order IT equipment (laptop)

IT coordinator

equipment recevied

Get phone number(s)

IT coordinator

phone(s) setup, contract OK

Provide email / phone number to HR for the business cards

IT coordinator

HR aware of progress

Prepare equipment for employee

IT coordinator

equipment tested and ready. Initial log in performed

Prepare "summary sheet" for employee

IT coordinator

Employee has all she / he needs to get started with systems

all IT accounts and equipments ready for the first day

Prepare contract

HR Business Partner

contract sent to future employee

Sign & post contract back

Future employee

contract received by company

Define initial employee objective

Line Manager

early objectives for the employee to be used for onboarding plan

Customize onboarding plan

Line Manager

plan approved by Line Manager & HR

Get other equipments for the employee

HR Business Partner

all equipments ready for employee

Announce arrival of new employee

HR Business Partner

Announce the arrival within the team

Line Manager

if internal candidates have been rejected, good to take time with them to explain why

name, mission and arrival date confirmed to the team

Finalise communication to be sent per email

Line Manager

draft sent to HR

Review & send communication 2 weeks before arrival

HR Business Partner

arrival officially announced to company


contract received by company

Employee official annouced to the company staff

administrative, IT and onboarding plan ready

Get ready for arrival (1 week before arrival)

HR Business Partner

Review arrival checklist with Line Manager

HR Business Partner

missing elements identified

Finalise all tasks as appropriate

HR Business Partner

Line Manager notified that everything is ready

Close to employee arrival (1 week)

Line Manager notified everything is ready

Welcome employee (first days)

HR Business Partner

Follow Security, Safety & Health eLearning


basics understood

Introduce future employee to facilities

HR Business Partner

employee knows how things work

Introduce employee to her / his team

Line Manager

new colleagues know each other

Introduce employee to IT system

IT coordinator

Start onboarding programme / training

HR Business Partner

employee following the initial training required for the job

Employee arrived at agreed time

onboarding programme defined earlier

Introduce employee to various policies in place

HR Business Partner

Employee arrival (first day)

employee understood the working in the company

Follow up employee onboarding during the next 100 days

Line Manager

Perform 100 days review

Line Manager

confirmation employee is comfortable in new role

100 days after arrival

Repeat every 6 months

Discuss & agree objectives with employee

Line Manager

objective recorded in system

Employee has better understanding of her / his role

Employee onboarding period finished

New team member comfortable in role

New team member comfortable in new role

Interviewing candidates?

Our interviewing process helps you select the right person for your team.

Learn more about our interviewing process >>

Manage absence

HR Director

Manage an exit from the business

HR Director

Our Team

Provide development and training opportunities

Learning and Development Manager