Skore Discovery Approach

“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets”

Whether you are trying to improve customer experience, increase revenue, reduce costs or reduce risk you’ll need to change something to make the difference.

The results of our skore discovery approach show that it is perfectly designed to help you identify what you need to change and how. And once you’ve started the project the skore approach ensures you have the right foundation on which to land it successfully.

The key steps of the skore discovery approach

Our structured approach is based on a widely used and proven organizational performance model used by the world’s leading organizations. We can help you understand where you are today so you can identify what you want to change tomorrow. It sets up the foundations for any change or improvement project so that you can land successfully.

Depending on the type of project you are planning we will assess your processes in a combination of the following areas:

 Business Results

What results are you seeing today and how do you measure them? Your business results are a measure of how closely your teams and processes are aligned with what your customers want.

 Culture & Behavior

What is the culture of your team and how does that drive the results you get? The values and behaviors of your team need to align with that of your customers in order to drive better results.


Who are the people in your team and what do they bring? Understanding each individual helps you to put them in the right role with the right responsibilities.


What is the work required to deliver the results you and your customers want? Understanding the process is one of the key building blocks to better results.


What are the systems and tools your team need to deliver business objectives? Ensure you have the right tools available to the right people at the right time.


How are your teams organized and how do individuals report through the structure? Make sure the right people are in the right position.


Are your decision making processes delivering the right results? Ensure decision making is structured and transparent so everyone can buy into the outcomes.


Are your team rewarded for delivering the right results? Design the right rewards to motivate for high performance.


Do you gather and report on the right information to make better decisions? Understanding your business will ensure you are collecting the right information and the right signals.