Skore app Training

Free Training Resources

As well as the built in tutorial we provide a number of free training and learning resources to help you get started with Skore app. You can access these here:

Instructor Led Online Training

We can deliver 1 or 2 hour online training sessions through Google Hangouts or over your own desktop sharing system. These sessions are ideal to get you started quickly, introduce advanced features and refresher training.

Contact us to find out how these sessions can be customized to your individual needs.

Instructor Led Classroom Training

Need an experienced instructor to deliver training at your offices? We can provide a standard one day training session taking process authors/analysts through the basics of Skore app right through to advanced features such as portal building and analytics. Then use our coaching service to build on this foundation.

Skore app Coaching

Need long term support to help you get the most out of your process capture and design initiatives? We can provide coaching on how to get the best out of Skore app and our process approach. Either remotely or onsite we can be available to answer questions, review work and provide feedback.

Contact us to learn more.