Share Skore app processes using Sharepoint (Office 365)

Microsoft Sharepoint (Office 365) is one of the most widely used content management systems found in companies today. If you’re using MS Outlook for your email, there’s a good chance you have Sharepoint lurking somewhere.

For all its critics, and it has more than most, Sharepoint is a comprehensive, if somewhat confusing, solution.

As anyone that has used Sharepoint at different companies will know, there is never a ‘standard way’ of doing things. In this article we cover how to share Skore app processes in Sharepoint and what to look out for.

Save a skore app process as a web page (html)

The first thing we must do, when sharing a Skore app process in Sharepoint, is to save the process as a .html file. This is a type of web page.

Open you process in Skore app and use the File menu to select Save as HTML.

This will create a web page file that you can upload to Sharepoint.

Depending on how Sharepoint is configured you may not be able to upload a .html page. In this case try renaming the file extension to a .aspx.

Upload the web page to a Sharepoint document library

Once you have created the .html (or .aspx) file you can upload it to a Sharepoint document library. If you are using Skore app in Windows you may be able to browse directly to the document library from Skore app.

Otherwise, open your document library in a browser window and upload the file to it.

If you have uploaded the .html file and then clicking on it simply downloads the file then try changing to .aspx.

You may not have permission to upload .aspx files, if this is the case contact your Sharepoint administrator.
Skore app files do not contain any server-side scripts so there is no risk to your Sharepoint installation. All process data is stored in the file saved in Sharepoint and is not sent to any other location.