How to manage revision history of a process in Skore app

The previous revisions of a process are saved automatically so that it’s easier to see the history of changes, approve the right revision, or restore a previous one.

Revisions are automatic

  • A new revision is automatically created when starting to edit a process (i.e. entering the edit mode)
  • A given revision cannot be changed

A reivision can be approved for publication

Accessing a process

  • By default, the published version process is shown to user.
  • If no published version exists, the user will see the latest version

How to open a specific version

  • Use the history page

About URL:

  • /latest goes to the last version
  • /published goes to the currently published version
  • /vX goes to version X (X will be a number) (a version that was published)
  • /sY goas to revision Y (Y will be a number)

Restoring a revision

A revision can be restored to (re)start working from this version.

It’s best explained with an example: Users want to restart from revision 23 (latest revision is 26)

  1. User clicks on the restore button of revision 23
  2. The latest revision of the process will then be number 27
    (23 and 27 are identical)

When starting editing, version 28 will be created.

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