How to manage access rights in Skore app web

Make sure only the relevant users can see or make changes to a process. Access rights can be assigned to any process.

Editors can edit a process

  • Any user with “can edit” access right on a process is an editor
  • An editor can make changes to a process
  • Only one editor can make changes at a time

Viewer can View a process

  • A user with “can view” access right on a process is a viewer
  • A viewer can only view a process
  • A viewer will first see the published version of a process (if it exists)
  • If no published version exists, the latest version will open
  • A viewer can see all versions of a process (via the History page)

Changing access right

  • A workspace admin can change the access rights of all processes
  • An editor of a process can change the access rights (can edit / can view) of a process

How to change access rights

Change access right from the process menu

Access rights panel

Example of the panel to change view right

  • Everyone in workspace : every users of the workspace will be able to view or edit the process
  • Just me: only you, the current user, will be able to view / edit the process
  • Restricted: users of the workspace can be manually selected


  • Workspace admin can see all processes of a workspace (even if not explicitely editor or viewer)
  • Process owner are not related to process access rights
  • Default access rights:
    • viewer: everyone in workspace
    • can edit: just me

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