How to search in a process with Skore app

A part of the video on Role Manager is dedicated to the search to find where a specific role is assigned in the map.

Anything can be searched and found if it exists


Search results are shown on the process

Results can be

  • On the current view: the text will be highighted and you will be able to see it directly
  • In an attachment : the paperclip icon will be highlight
  • In a detailed view : the entire box will be highlighted to “guide” you where to go to find your search results


Search filters

If you are looking for something very specific, search filters are here for you. Especially useful when looking for a specific role.

Text of whatboxes: If check, will search in the “main” text of the whatbox

Role(s) of whatboxes: If check, will search in the role or roles of a whatbox

Stickynote: If check, will search in notes box

Attachments: If check, will search in attachments

ID: If check, will search in box (whatbox, whybox, not). Note, ID can only be numbers.

Exact match: will count as a search ONLY if the entire field matches the search keyword. This is most useful to find a specific role in the process.

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