How to save a skore as an HTML web page file for an intranet or shared drive

Skore app desktop only

It is possible to save a file as .html document, in other words as a web page.

What is an HTML document ?

It’s the standard file type in which web page are created and saved.

Why use HTML ?

When saving a Skore as a HTML web page, anyone can open it and interact with it.

  • YOU as the “author” of the Skore process will still be able to open the file in Skore app and save
  • Everyone else, can see the

Where to save this HTML file?

  • Intranet service
    • Igloo
    • SharePoint
  • Shared drive

How to create a Skore HTML ?

File -> Save as HTML

How to edit a Skore HTML ?

File -> Open

You can keep working “as usual”