How to save my processes as file or web page in Skore app

Desktop only

2 kinds of save

Save as .skore file

  • You can save the file as .skore in Skore app
  • Only Skore app can open & read these files
  • It’s like a “normal” file, think powerpoint file, excel file, …
  • Skore file is essentially an XML file

Save as HTML web page

  • You can save as .html file in Skore app
  • .html file are the kind of files read by an internet browser like Chrome, IE or Firefox
  • So these HTML file can be published on a server. On an intranet or SharePoint for example.
  • To edit the file
    • Just re-open it in Skore app, it will be recognized and opened like a normal skore file
    • The HTML file will be saved and still usable. Don’t forget to re-publish on intranet if needed.

When you quit Skore app

User will be asked

When your computer goes to sleep

Known files are saved automatically. Previously-unsaved files are kept open.

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