How to save a skore process as an image

Desktop app only

Side menu > Export > Image

  • Create image of the entire visible process : Make sure no boxes are selected
  • Create an image of only a few boxes : Select the boxes first, and then create image

File are saved as .png

Some margin is added around the process. If you want a “marginless” image you will need to crop in an image editing tool (PowerPoint can be used too)


Copy as image

Creates an image and place it in your clipboard. Can be pasted anywhere relevant (email, PowerPoint, etc.)

Preview image & Save

Will show a preview and give various option to save

skore app image preview

Image preview : the image might be resized to fit on the screen nicely. You can find the real size in the footer of the modal window

Copy to clipboard: Same as above, will copy to your clipboard, ready to pasted (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V) anywhere relevant (email, PowerPoint, etc.)

Save on desktop: Save the image on Desktop, default file name contains Date and time

Save as… : You will be asked for file name and location where to save the file