How to insert images in a Skore

Enrich your Skore by inserting images (images must be hosted online, see below). You can add images to:

  • Notes
  • Text attachments



OGSM Process, courtesy of ArchPoint consulting


  1. Make sure your image is available online on a server (see below “good to know” section)
  2. Insert using Markdown

![Alt text here]( "title of the image here")

In plain english : exclamation mark + inbetween [square brackets] the alt text + inbetween (round brackets) the URL and inbetween “double quotes” a title

Store an image online

  • You can use a sharePoint library on your intranet
  • Any server where you can upload an image
  • It does not seem to work with images stored in Google Drive or Dropbox because these service **seem to** prevent viewing the images outside their own tools
    (this is explanation might not be true… this is what I think happens)
  • You insert the image “as is” there is no image editing options in Skore