How to format text in Skore app processes


You can do basic formatting of any text field with Skore app using Markdown notation.

You will find help within the software. Click on “Format text” button, found on each box.


How formatting works in Skore app (with markdown)

Formatting is done using the markdown notation. Which allows great flexibility at the cost of a little bit of effort to learn the mechanics.

Simple example

Writing this:

Hello, **I am a bold** text

Will render as

Hello, I am a bold text

Available formatting

  • headers

# Header 1 (one hash)

## Header 2 (two hashes)

  • bold, italic

**bold text**


  • line, horizontal separator


  • bullet points / numbered list

* Start line with a star and it will make a nice bullet point list.

1. Start line with a number and it will make a nice numbered list. You can start all lines with 1. and it will automatically renumber.

  • links

Everything looking like a URL (ex: starting with http) will be converted to a link

Or change displayed text. [Click here for](  

  • image

![alternative text](full-url-of-image)

  • icons


  • tables

See here for more documentation.

Formatting in the role field of Whatbox
AND formatting in reports

Formatting in the role field or reports will be “flatten” to render on a single line.

Will be kept

Bold, italic, icons (small)

Will not be kept

Paragraphs, headers, bullet point lists, numbered lists.

Will be transformed

Links will be disabled displayed with chevron before and after the text. Example: <>

Icons will be made to the smallest size.

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