How to export or manipulate Skore XML source

Side menu : Export > XML

From this modal window, you can view the XML source in Skore, edit the source, or take the content to use outside Skore app.

This is especially useful if you need to copy a process from one workspace to another, or from the desktop app to the web.

Open the XML and copy all. Go to the target process, open the XML window and paste your XML over the top of what’s there. (Hint. if you are copying from one workspace to another you’ll need to create a new blank process to copy into first.)

Skore XML modal

Close : will close the modal. No changes made in the XML will be saved or applied.

Apply changes: change made in the XML source will be applied to current graph. If you were in a detailed view, you will be back up to the top level.

Click outside the modal : same as Close

<mxGraphModel dx="150" dy="150" grid="0" guides="1" tooltips="0" connect="1" fold="1" page="1" pageScale="1" pageWidth="826" pageHeight="1169">

  <!-- root, do not touch -->
    <mxCell id="0"/>

    <!-- TITLE always id=1 -->
    <title id="1">
      <!-- text attribute is common to all box -->
      <text value="Name your Skore (id=1)"/>
      <!-- formatting (note: no style here) -->
      <mxCell parent="0">
        <mxRectangle y="50" width="1288" height="608" as="visibleRect"/>

    <!-- WHATBOX (Simple) -->
    <whatbox id="2">
      <!-- attributes -->
      <text value="first whatbox (id:2)"/>
      <resource value="myResource"/>
      <!-- formatting (style: whatbox) -->
      <mxCell style="whatbox" vertex="1" parent="1">
        <mxGeometry x="52" y="15" width="190" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- WHYBOX -->
    <whybox id="3">
      <!-- attributes, always the same -->
      <text value="Text of the first whybox (id:3)"/>
      <!-- formatting (style: whybox) -->
      <mxCell style="whybox" vertex="1" parent="1">
        <mxGeometry x="262" y="15" width="100" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- WHATBOX with detailed view -->
    <whatbox id="4">
      <!-- attributes -->
      <text value="Whatbox with a details (id:4)"/>
      <resource value="Someone will have to click the Enter icon"/>
      <!-- formatting (style: whatboxdetailed) -->
      <mxCell style="whatboxdetailed" vertex="1" collapsed="1" parent="1">
        <mxGeometry x="402" y="15" width="190" height="80" as="geometry"/>
        <!-- (optional) this is where the view settings of the detailed view are saved so that when the user goes into the detail it's the same position as before.
        (this has nothing to do with the shape)  
        <mxRectangle x="-150" y="-150" width="1288" height="620" as="visibleRect"/>

    <!-- WHATBOX with attachment -->
    <whatbox id="5">
      <!-- attachments saved as attribute like text, resources... -->
      <!-- text can contain markdown and must be escaped -->
      <attachment type="text" value="my first attachment text"/>
      <!-- TODO : demo of markdown -->
      <attachment type="text" value="my second text"/>
      <!-- attachment type url -->
      <attachment type="url" value="Vist Skore homepage" addr=""/>
      <!-- standard attributes -->
      <text value="A whatbox with attachment (id:5)"/>
      <resource value="Someone will have to open the attachments"/>
      <!-- formatting -->
      <mxCell style="whatbox" vertex="1" parent="1">
        <mxGeometry x="52" y="161" width="190" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- GROUP -->
    <group id="6">
      <text value="Text of my group (optional) (id:6)"/>
      <mxCell style="group" vertex="1" connectable="0" parent="1">
        <mxGeometry x="289" y="146" width="340" height="110" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- LINES on the "top level"-->

    <!-- whatbox to whybox -->
    <mxCell id="23" style="w2y" edge="1" parent="1" source="2" target="3">
      <mxGeometry relative="1" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- whybox to whatbox -->
    <mxCell id="34" style="y2w" edge="1" parent="1" source="3" target="4">
      <mxGeometry relative="1" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- DETAILED VIEW of box 4
      note parent="4" to tell who is the parent cell

    <!-- whatbox -->
    <whatbox id="9">
      <!-- there is no attribute there so Skore will render the default text values -->
      <mxCell style="whatbox" vertex="1" parent="4">
        <mxGeometry x="200" y="91" width="190" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- whybox -->
    <whybox id="10">
      <mxCell style="whybox" vertex="1" parent="4">
        <mxGeometry x="410" y="91" width="100" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- line from whatbox to whybox (style:w2y)  -->
    <mxCell id="910" style="w2y" edge="1" parent="4" source="9" target="10">
      <mxGeometry relative="1" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- CONTENT of group 13 -->

    <!-- whatbox -->
    <whatbox id="7">
      <text value="First whatbox in the group (id:7)"/>
      <resource value="and a resource"/>
      <mxCell style="whatbox" vertex="1" parent="6">
        <mxGeometry x="15" y="15" width="190" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- whybox -->
    <whybox id="8">
      <text value="first whybox in the group (id:8)"/>
      <mxCell style="whybox" vertex="1" parent="6">
        <mxGeometry x="225" y="15" width="100" height="80" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- line between these box... we are still in the group (parent : 6) -->
    <mxCell id="78" style="w2y" edge="1" parent="6" source="7" target="8">
      <mxGeometry relative="1" as="geometry"/>

    <!-- STICKY NOTE -->
    <stickynote id="11">
      <text value="This is a text in a stickyNote (id:11)"/>
      <mxCell style="stickynote;fillColor=#FCF393" vertex="1" parent="1">
        <mxGeometry x="257" y="405" width="190" height="80" as="geometry"/>

  <!-- and we're done -->