How to enable RACI or RATSI and add several roles to an activity in a Skore app process

Go to Sidebar menu > Customize > Settings


Enable multi-roles & tags: will enable the feature in Skore app for the given process.

Once enabled, you can go back to process mapping and when you edit a box you will see the following fields.


Who does it“: use this field to populate the role. As usual.

R A C I buttons (or R A T S I accordingly) : Click to enable / disable the tag on a role

Click for 1 more: Adds a resource field to the activty

Trash can / bin: delete the role

Disabling mutli-roles / RACI or RATSI

De-select in the same menu. Make note that the software isn’t really created to handle this, so here is what will happen:

  • It is recommended to save your file and restart the software after disabling that feature.
  • Only ONE role will be displayed on the box. It is very likely to be the first one in the list, but we cannot guarantee 100% because of the way the roles are saved and retrieved today.
  • The other roles that were added to a box will NOT be deleted. To delete permanently, you can
    • Delete the box and re-create it
    • Manually clean up the XML source

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