How to add, move, select, remove, delete boxes on skore app processes

Add box from the side bar to the canvas

  • Box will be in “edit mode” directly
  • To enter edit mode manually:
    • select + click on the box
    • press ENTER or F2



Connect the boxes together

  • Drag the connection circle and drop them on another connection circle
  • Whatboxes can only be connected to Whyboxes (Brackets)
  • And the opposite, Whyboxes can only be connected to Whatboxes
  • Both can be connected to Notes



Move and align boxes

  • Select, drag and drop the boxes to align
  • Use the alignment guides that will automatically appear to connect



Remove / delete boxes and lines

  • to remove anything (1 or more box, lines)
    • Select item, press DELETE or BACKSPACE
  • For boxes:
    • click the trash can / bin icon to delete the current box