Approve & Publish a process in Skore app

There are many ways to driver ownership of a process. See our blog post. Approval & Publication helps you declare that there is an official version of a process and this is the one that should be referred to.

Approval is the process to… approve (!) a process by the right person

Publication makes it live.

Select save to publish

Open the history modal and identity the revision to approve. Any revision can be approved.


Click publish from the history modal window.

Open the history modal from the title menu

Select the approver

Skore makes the following suggestion

  • Me” the current user will be the approver (this is self-approval)
  • Owner” : select the process owner as approver
  • Select user…” : select a user in the user picker. Before the time of sending the approval request, it will verify that the user has access to this process.

Any user type (member, editor, admin) can be selected as an approver.

The requestor can add a comment describing what is new in this version. This comment is included in the email requesting approval and will be shown against the approval in the history modal.

Request approval

  • The process status is “awaiting approval”
  • The approver (if different from requestor) will receive an email notification
  • The process will be pinned on top of the workspace of the approver with a message, so it’s obvious which process is awaiting approval
  • The requestor can re-send the approval request email from the same place (history modal)

Approve & publish

  • When opening the process, the user might not be exactly on the revision to approve

You are not looking at the revision to approve


  • When opening the process, the approver will have a button to “Approve & publish”

THIS is the revision to approve

  • Once approved, the requestor will receive a confirmation email for the publication
  • An approver cannot reject a process. The approver can get in touch with the requestor to make change and send a new request on the updated process.

View published version

From now on, when opening the process the published version will be displayed by default.

(The URL of the process has /published)

Version number

Newly published version are given a new version number.


  • Previously approved version of a process will be marked as “was approved”
  • You can un-publish a process (from the same menu)
  • All users can still see all versions of a process via the History modal

Best practice

  • Publish often! A process is never finished anyway. It’s a good habit to publish.
  • Publish before making major changes, so you know where you have started and you can restore a previous version later

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