How to add comment on processes

Users can add their comments on a process. Editors can keep track of actions.

Enable commenting mode

Because it is not always necessary to have the ability to post a comment to a process, the commenting mode needs to be manually turned on.

  • Commenting mode must be enabled by an editor (user with edit right)
  • Viewers of a process (user with view right) can only add and view comments when the commenting mode is turned on
  • When the commenting mode is turned off, comments are hidden from viewers (no content is deleted, only hidden)
  • Editors can view, delete and change status of a comment at any time. Even when commenting is turned off for users

Post a comment

  • When enabled, all viewers can add one or more comments to a process
  • Meta data of a comment
    • Who posted it
    • When it was posted
    • What version of the process
    • Completion data (if any)
    • Comming soon : where it was posted on the process to be able to identify better what is being talked about

Deleting a comment

  • A viewer can only delete its own comments
  • An editor can delete any comment of the process

Comment status

To keep track of actions; coments can be marked as completed

  • Editors can mark a comment as completed by ticking the box next to a comment
  • The completion date is saved and will be displayed

Comming soon: exporting comment

Comments will appear in the workspace activity page

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