Feedback loop and keeping your process readable

Process mapping techniques come from a technical world, it was necessary to tell the machine where, when and how to loop when a condition is not met.

With Skore we are focusing on clarifying roles for humans.

What can happen to a process

  • It “loops”. For example it’s a monthly activity. The last activity of the process triggers the first one again, infinitely
  • Sometimes, processes don’t loop: the end of a process triggers another process.
  • A process can fail and needs to “restart” where it makes sense.

Taking that into account:

I do not show feedback loops

It’s cluttering the map with information that is not necessarily giving the right message. Do you want to say to your users that failure is actually an option?

It is safe to assume that the users of a process know what to do when something fails.

Except when…

  • Exceptions in a particular scenario must be handled in a particular way
  • Formal approval process
  • Formal revision process where different roles must be involved at different step of the process