Learn how to use process to improve your business

Why process?

Thinking in process allows us to think about how value flows through a company.

Value is what we add to the inputs we consume as we change these into the outputs we sell.

Thinking about your company in this way helps you identify things that slow down value creation.

It helps you ask questions like “what can we do to speed things up?”, or “how can we provide better quality products?” and “how can we save money?”

How Skore app helps

Skore app makes working with process easy. Most people think of process as boring technical diagrams and lots of statistical information.

We believe that working with, and thinking in, process is a collaborative effort.

With Skore app creating process diagrams is so easy that anyone can do it. Our approach is so simple it requires almost no explaining.

And once you’ve captured a process you can analyze, share and improve together.

Process Improvement Course

This free course shows you how to use Skore app in your next process improvement project. It’s full of tips and tricks as well as useful information even if you don’t use Skore app.

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