Insights for everyone

Skore quickly turns unstructured processes and conversations into valuable insights that help you make informed decisions.

Become more agile as everyone in the team develops a deeper understanding of how the company works.

Makes processes accessible

Everyone needs to understand and follow processes but not everyone likes traditional flowcharts.

With Skore you can provide visual and engaging entry points that make your ways of working more accessible and easier to adopt.

Capture processes and ways of working

Quickly create process flows so you can understand what happens, who does it and why. The Skore approach is driven by lean principles and ensuring that every step adds value.

We prioritise the flow of work rather than roles as you see in a traditional swim lane diagram. More on Roles.

Zoom in and out of the detail

Zoom in and out of the details with the click of a button. Whether you’re on the frontline, in management or the CEO, with Skore you zoom in and out to see the detail that’s relevant to you.

Like Google Maps for your business!

Perfect for live workshops

Skore is the best tool for capturing processes and systems information in a live collaborative workshop. Our customers and partners tell us it’s more engaging and over 3 times faster than a whiteboard and sticky notes.

Start mapping at the speed of talking!

Understand roles & responsibilities

No more responsibility matrix in Excel and keeping it in sync with processes. Map roles and responsibilities directly onto activities and manage in one place.

Our customisable responsibility tool allows you to add multiple roles and tag them according to responsibility creating a RACI matrix of the 21st century!

Capture systems and data

What information do you need to make decisions, what do you need to measure, what systems do you use?

Add and analyse all this information, understand what systems are underused, what are your requirements for new systems, what data is missing, what are the risks.

Collaborate and share

Capture online and share instantly and securely with colleagues and customers.

Track changes and gather feedback all in one place.

Search instantly across all data in a process and highlight results on the page.